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"A community experience like no other."

Connecting made easier.

Our system connects you with people similar to you based on your interests. Strike up conversation, or schedule a virtual meet and greet!


Automatically pair individuals based on interest.

Social Feed

Posts, Likes, Comments, Hashtags. All private.

One-to-One Meetings

Network easily with direct messaging and schedule meetings with attendees.


Showcase sponsors throughout the mobile event app.

Powerful tools for every event.

Optimize your event with the right tools made for you. Simply choose what you need, and get rid of what you don’t.


Session titles, location, speakers, sponsors and much more.

Audience Analytics

Real-time Engagement, Registrations, Check-ins, Polling.

Desktop & Mobile Apps

Available before, during, and after the event.


Rich Profiles, biographies, links, search, ratings, notes.

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The developers of Jujama and BioProScheduler, have a deep knowledge of the life sciences industry, informed by their founding of MedTrack, the life sciences corporate intelligence database. Because of that history, we knew the high quality of their technologies and their appreciation for the needs of life science companies.

Chris Yochim

Director, External Relations, Global Product & Portfolio Strategy, AstraZeneca

I don't know how we could have done some of our events without Jujama. Their customer service is unparalleled, they're cost-effective and they're willing to adapt. As we have expanded, they've grown with us. Jujama is our favorite partnering system vendor!

Karen DeLone

Vice President Member Services & Programs, Life Sciences Pennsylvania

My organization absolutely loved the Jujama platform. My colleague and I went through the list to set up meetings and found the ease of use to be great. Additionally, this by far the best way to drive traffic to your booth, or set up meetings if the expo allows for that. I wish every expo had this system!

Craig Hartis

Immunology Sales Representative, Abbvie

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