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38th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference is underway this Week

The 38th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference is underway this week and networking meetings are taking place throughout San Francisco, many of which have been scheduled through BioProScheduler Teams, a product of Jujama, Inc. BioProScheduler has been the product of...

Introducing Jujama Lite

A new, streamlined, affordable event management platform. The Jujama Event Management Platform has enhanced and empowered thousands of events worldwide to provide Better Event Experiences. Many of our customers have complex needs with numerous integrations across many...

Global Conference 2019 – Milken Institute

Jujama is proud to power the Milken Institute's mobile and desktop event applications (iOS / Android). We're certain that every attendee of this powerful, groundbreaking annual event will be inspired and empowered to lead. Prosperity equals the effect of financial...

David Bialkowski speaks at AUTM Annual Meeting 2019

This week the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) held their annual meeting in Austin, Texas. AUTM’s Annual Meeting invites technology transfer professionals from around the globe to network, make deals and gain valuable insights from world-class...

Testimonial: Euler Hermes

"The associates at Jujama were a pleasure to work with to customize the app for our needs, and they made sure everything was set up properly. Jujama made me feel more comfortable and confident that I was prepared to run the app when the conference began (I have no...

An improved Jujama Admin – Thousands of options at your fingertips

Today Jujama has released an updated version of our Admin that significantly improves ease-of-use, option discoverability, and dramatically decreases the amount of time it takes to set up new events. The Jujama Admin is where our customers control their event's...

Sponsorship Opportunities within Jujama’s mobile and desktop apps

There are a lot of options for Event Organizers to sell sponsorships within the Jujama platform. Several of our customers have packaged combinations of these options to sell to sponsors to help fund their events. We thought we'd take a few moments to outline just a...

Our Awesome Team

Nadia N. Dailey

Nadia N. Dailey


Nadia created Jujama from the ground up. She has a diverse background in investment banking, business development, operations, and managing remote development teams, including co-founding MedTrack, the life sciences corporate intelligence database.

David Bialkowski

David Bialkowski


Dave serves as our Senior Vice President has a record of heading up winning sales teams—including the MedTrack team—something he achieves consistently by building strong customer relationships. Dave works closely with our clients to ensure the successful launch of the networking platform for each event.

Michael Bigus

Michael Bigus


Mike oversees the architecture of our entire technology stack. His day-to-day operations include overseeing our global development team and keeping our internal and external infrastructure at the cutting-edge.

Lindsey Jamieson

Lindsey Jamieson

Creative Director

Lindsey leads Jujama's creative projects including brand, product, and marketing design. She creates an exciting visual experience for our clients and event attendees throughout every step of the customer experience.

Colleen DeMuro

Colleen DeMuro

Client Concierge

Colleen is the embodiment of Jujama’s focus on customer service. She provides training, support and project coordination for Jujama customers so that their event platform operates flawlessly with a minimum of work by the event staff.

Sudharshan Reddy

Sudharshan Reddy

Technical Manager

Sudharshan has a passion for translating business needs into excellent software solutions and has been doing so with our team for over a decade.

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