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Robust, feature-packed, and built from the ground up with the conference organizer and their attendees in mind, our event apps enable Better Event Experiences.

The Complete Event Platform

Mobile and Desktop Apps with Features to Power Any Event

Virtual Market Place

Open the desktop and mobile apps directly to the social feed for continuous live updates and real-time collaboration between attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors.

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Key Benefits

  • Create a feeling of community
  • Rich content sharing for all attendees
  • A key area for sponsorship
  • Attendee promotions and networking
  • Photos, video, and documents

Just like other social media apps, Jujama’s in-event, private social feed offers a place for attendees to update their status: adding pictures, videos, or documents.

Following posts and using trending hashtags within the feed are a great way to spark discussions and connect with other attendees. Attendees can see what others are posting about the conference, offering the opportunity to like and comment on others’ posts, as well as share these posts on their personal Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.  

An attendee can mention people, companies, and even sessions in posts and comments. Mentioning another person tags their profile in the post, notifying the user of the post and allowing others viewing the post to explore their profile with a simple tap on their name.

Conference organizers have the opportunity to include sponsorship advertisements within the social feed and can choose to have them show up in-line or pin the post to the top.

Live Streams & Webinars Linked Directly from Agenda

The robust agenda allows for details from sponsor advertisements to webinar call-in numbers.

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The messaging feature allows for direct and private messages to be sent to other attendees for any reason. This allows for network growth with new connections. Whether messaging for information or asking to meet up for coffee, the messaging feature allows for users to stay connected and well informed. Should you want to send out a mass message the app allows for group messaging to make sharing information easier and more efficient.

Advanced Attendee Directory

Connect to the right people — Attendees can build profiles that include documents, videos, and interests. With our advanced search functionality, attendees can be connecting and exchanging messages just as easy as meeting in the hall.

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Key Benefits

  • Provide company documents and presentations
  • Exchange profile / business card information with other attendees
  • Company profiles
  • Photos, video, and documents

Instead of just a registration roll, the media-rich participant profile lets your attendees not only provide their contact information but really tell their story. Jujama allows attendees to attach Word documents, videos, Excel sheets, PDFs and Powerpoint slide decks to their profile so that each attendee can craft the profile into a real selling tool, letting others know who they are, what they bring to the table and what they are looking for at the conference.

Gaming for the Win!

In-app gaming can keep attendees engaged with leaderboards and prizes!

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Key Benefits

  • Rich attendee and company profiles
  • Direct Messaging
  • Private Social Feed
  • E-Business Card Exchange

By combining the features available within the Jujama apps — an attendee is empowered to network with event attendees like never before.

Secure and private, yet powerful and easy-to-use. Attendees can find who they are looking for, arrange meet ups, direct message, exchange information, and follow up after the event.

Online Polling, Continuing Education Certification, and Real-Time Comments

Audiences can be engaged by participating in live polls or voting, and asking questions or making comments while in the session. Along with those tools, you can offer continuing education through eLearning.

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The app houses a complete directory of all your speakers where attendees can learn more about the who they are and what sessions they are speaking at. Attendee’s can easily build out their personal schedule when viewing speaker profiles, take notes on the speakers or sessions, and view any content made available by the conference, like presentations or videos. As a conference organizer, you can have your audience rank speakers for your post-event analysis, link all speakers to their sessions and content, and use a built in plug-in to display them all on your website.

Online Exhibit Hall

Exhibitors can build profiles, load videos, documents, and any other content that attendees can search.

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Key Benefits

  • Instant push alerts on demand
  • Scheduled messages
  • Excellent Sponsorship exposure
  • Actionable

Keep your attendees “in the know” with push alerts directly to their mobile device.

Jujama offers both instant and schedule push alerts that allow conference organizers to send out reminders of upcoming events or other get-togethers that may come up over the course of the event through device notifications to all attendees who have enabled push-notifications to be sent to their phones.

Prime sponsor exposure can be gained by using push alerts. Conference organizers can choose to sell or offer sponsors to have their content appear through push alerts. Just as easily as sponsors can send out their push notifications, users can use the app to request meetings with said sponsor, providing all around benefits.

Agenda & Speakers

Tag streaming services, speaker information, sponsor advertisements, and more to the agenda for continued access.

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Key Benefits

  • Full offline search capability
  • Single or Multi-track
  • Highly configurable
  • Session grouping
  • Attendees can manage personal schedule

Reduce printing costs and keep attendees up to date, even with last minute changes. The agenda is an interactive, all-inclusive list of sessions in an easy-to-read format on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Each session can contain rich content including time, location, relative documents, speaker profiles, session notes, and more.

By using the Agenda an attendee can build their own personal schedule to know where to be and when for the duration of the event.

Sponsorship opportunities within the Agenda are strewn throughout the app – such as Session Sponsors.



Based on interests, the system will make suggestions of company and attendee matches and virtual meet-and-greets can be arranged.  

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In addition to our searchable, online support documents and video tutorials, our customer service reps are ready to help you get the job done. We're available for questions around-the-clock. 

For those teams that are short on time or staffing, our white-glove service is available, too. Our dedicated team can handle graphic design, content and data uploads, and can even field questions from attendees.

On-Site Support for your event is also available — have the Jujama team at your event to handle any on-site networking questions.


One-to-One & Group Meetings

A virtual meeting doesn’t have to eliminate face-to-face connections that take place at the event.

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Key Benefits

  • Unlimited Floor Plans
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Interactive Floor Plans
  • Agenda, Exhibitors, and Sponsor linking

Basic or interactive floor plans can be included to give your attendees a sense of direction.


In addition to traditional sponsorship tabs, sponsors can also run ads in between sessions. Sponsors have even greater exposure to attendees.

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Within the app, as well as in transactional emails, alerts, and other correspondence with attendees, a sponsor’s brand can be clearly visible and clickable.

Sponsors can also be encouraged to post to the Social Feed themselves, sharing links, photos, hashtags, or their own Sponsored sessions for attendees to check out. Using the Social Feed in combination with other Sponsorship opportunities that Jujama provides really gives the Conference Organizer limitless possibilities to help their Sponsors get a return.

Groups — A Sense of Community

Both private and public groups allow attendees to break into areas of interest for brainstorming and the sharing of ideas.

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As separate lists, Sponsors and Exhibitors can be shown to attendees that would like to gather more information about the sponsors of the event they are attending. A complete bio can be built including logo, web site, thorough description, floor plan linking, and much more. Even the company's personnel that may be on hand at the event can be listed.

The developers of Jujama and BioProScheduler, have a deep knowledge of the life sciences industry, informed by their founding of MedTrack, the life sciences corporate intelligence database. Because of that history, we knew the high quality of their technologies and their appreciation for the needs of life science companies.

Chris Yochim

Director, External Relations, Global Product & Portfolio Strategy, AstraZeneca

I don't know how we could have done some of our events without Jujama. Their customer service is unparalleled, they're cost-effective and they're willing to adapt. As we have expanded, they've grown with us. Jujama is our favorite partnering system vendor!

Karen DeLone

Vice President Member Services & Programs, Life Sciences Pennsylvania

My organization absolutely loved the Jujama platform. My colleague and I went through the list to set up meetings and found the ease of use to be great. Additionally, this by far the best way to drive traffic to your booth, or set up meetings if the expo allows for that. I wish every expo had this system!

Craig Hartis

Immunology Sales Representative, Abbvie

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